Richard Bailey

Designer / Developer


Content Watch

Designer / Developer

July 2016 - present

I designed and developed new UX features with a focus on funnel optimization. I worked closely with stakeholders to develop information architecture, visual design and development strategies for a number marketing initiatives. I helped standardize workflow, estimation and deploy processes. Using adobe creative suite plus tools like uxpin, git, gulp, sass, and jquery I helped to make these projects not only brand focused, but compelling.

project work:

Brash Beers

Art Director / Designer

July 2013 - present

I worked with the founder to establish brand identity and visual guidelines. I created art for all the packaging, glassware, as well as t-shirts and merchandise sold at the brewery.

Ebay Enterprise

Lead UX developer

August 2010 - March 2016

I helped implement semantic front end ecommerce solutions for Petsmart, Ralph Lauren, and Timberland, among others. Additionally, I led an internal tools team who's primary mission was to design and build tools to optimize daily developer workflow. I was involved in defining and establishing code patterns, standards, maintaining team workflow, deploy validations and implementing user focused design and development approaches with an eye towards emerging browser technologies.

project work:

Additive Inverse

UI/UX designer & developer

July 2008 - January 2011

I provided my agency clients with an array of services including project planning, visual design, user experience design, and front end development for a variety of open source content management and ecommerce platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, and Textpattern).

project work:

Pixeldust Interactive

Front end developer

June 2008 - October 2005

Focused largely on Wordpress theme development, I worked within a small team of cross discipline developers and designers to deliver dynamic web projects for a wide variety of clients and industries.

project work:

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Developing people, process and products are my passion. I love working closer to the top of the stack. I've lead enterprise UI teams with a lean startup mentality. I've spent some time in the creative salt mines of an agency environment. I've had a couple years of leadership and UI architecture under my belt. I like what those things have done to my brain.
I know my way around UX design principles, information architecture, and front end performance tuning. Using tools like Angular, Wordpress, CraftCMS, Grunt, Powershell, Sublime text; I've designed and built everything from marketing & ecommerce sites to mobile apps that consume Restful Api's. Most of all, I like solving problems.